Turning Websites Into Web Apps

Turning Websites Into Web Apps

Why Web Apps?

Think to your recent website viewing habits? I care to bet that the vast majority of your web viewing experience has been consumed by using powerful web applications. Gone are the days of static websites with sprawling text. Now, your entire day can revolve around nothing but web apps:

6am: Wake up in the morning with a curated spotify playlist

6:30am: Peruse the daily news on BBC News or listen to their daily news podcast on BBC iPlayer

7:30am: Pull up the directions to your client meeting on Google Maps

9:00am: Log in to your Microsoft Outlook to catch up on emails and connect to a remote Zoom meeting later in the day

12:00pm: Get restaurant recommendations for a working lunch on Yelp

and so on ...

Web Apps have shaped our modern internet and our modern lives. With dynamic content serving a broad stroke of customers around the world, we are now able to stay ever more connected and ever more present with the web.

How we build Web Apps with Softr and Glide

Softr allows businesses and developers to create data rich websites and web applications using Airtable data. Airtable, a popular web database, houses data that can be used with Softr to create:

  • Online Course Websites
  • Dynamic Schedules
  • Powerful searchable directories
  • Internal Client Portals

With Glide, we build powerful internal applications like Talent Recruitment platforms so that you and your business can work with custom workflows.

Unlimited Development with JMP Studios

Develop an unlimited amount of NoCode applications with JMP Studios. We create web apps, mobile apps, landing pages, and automations so that you can work faster and smarter. With unlimited revisions know that you will always be ready for changing business environments and trends.