The Best Way To Develop Custom Mobile Business Applications

The Best Way To Develop Custom Mobile Business Applications

Why Mobile?

230 billion mobile apps were downloaded in the year 2020, reports statistics website Statista. I can certainly say that I contributed well to that number, as I suspect many others. With our phones playing a central role in our lives, more than practically any other device, engaging with great mobile applications is more important than ever before.

Building your business or internal applications to be native friendly allows you to:

Be “mobile” - allow customers and employees to interact with your offerings on the go or without the traditional constraints of computers

Be optimized - pair down your content to critical use cases like when your employees are out on the road completing mission critical tasks

Be there - create a presence in the lives of your customers and employees by always being a tap away.

How we Build Mobile on Glide

At JMP Studios we work with Glide to build mobile applications. Glide is a relatively new entrant to the NoCode development stage but has been quite a splash. From a humble start of creating simple applications from google sheets, Glide has gone to power thousands of applications using a whole host of backend solutions. Their powerful Glide backend database allows users to create data rich and dense applications capable of powerful calculations. Their applications have even made it to the PGA tour, powering seat management at the Masters.

Working with Glide means that you can receive custom business applications suited to your business, deployed to customers and employees with the simple sharing of a link. Free from constraints of app stores or different platforms and devices, Glide Apps work directly from a mobile browser.

Unlimited Development with JMP Studios

Develop an unlimited amount of NoCode applications with JMP Studios. We create web apps, mobile apps, landing pages, and automations so that you can work faster and smarter. With unlimited revisions know that you will always be ready for changing business environments and trends.