Promote Your Products With Landing Pages

Promote Your Products With Landing Pages

Why Landing Pages?

When I launched my first business 7 years ago I ran it completely off a page with a sign up form. That’s it. A signup form, a quick image, and a pitch, and the promise that I would get back to them within 24 hours.

For over six months that landing page allowed me to meet talented designers from all around the world, better understand their pain points and my value proposition, and even generate sales.

When developing your product, rather than sinking hours and days into websites with all the bells and whistles that you could steal off a street car, use a one page landing page to clearly define your product and mission. Get sign ups, excite your prospective audience with your upcoming product, or sell your mission. All with one simple page that won’t bore those looking for the next big thing.

How we build Landing Pages with Carrd

With Carrd’s landing page NoCode development platform, we at JMP Studios work with you to create an unlimited number of landing pages for your product. We like Carrd because of it’s very affordable hosting plans, it’s simple interface, and the ability to create landing pages that used to only be the domain of expensive custom development.

Unlimited Development with JMP Studios

Develop an unlimited amount of NoCode applications with JMP Studios. We create web apps, mobile apps, landing pages, and automations so that you can work faster and smarter. With unlimited revisions know that you will always be ready for changing business environments and trends.