Developing The Web Without Code

Developing The Web Without Code

What is NoCode development?

Over a decade ago legendary investor and tech visionary Marc Andreessen published his now infamous statement, “Software is eating the world.” And so it was said, and so it was told.

While it may not be a shock now, and not the most egregious statement of it’s time, the impact and scale that software has on our daily lives is unmeasurable. NoCode development has made this reality ever present, and ever more easier to execute. The websites you visit, the apps you interact with, the schedules you use to book your next meeting, chances are somewhere down the line, NoCode development has been used to make development cycles faster.

NoCode development is the art of developing Software, namely Websites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, and Automations, without spending the majority of time writing code. Instead, tools with prepackaged code bundles are used with visual editing to make the development process less about code and more about functionality. NoCode development is a slight misnomer, perhaps best replaced with the term LowCode as even this development does rely on enriching data through light coding.

While the term is fairly new, NoCode development in and of itself is not new, with much of the early web being built with NoCode applications. In fact, Wordpress, and incredibly popular NoCode development platform hosts over 35% of the entire World Wide Web!

What can NoCode do?

NoCode development has experienced an explosion of growth in it’s space over the past few years. Now with greater adoption and ever increasing resources, you users are able to create:

  1. Fully featured Web Applications like Recruitment Platforms
  2. Platform native Mobile Applications like City Guides
  3. Simple and easy to understand Product Landing Pages
  4. Marketing and Process Automations

Chances are most of the websites you interact with on a daily basis have been created with NoCode tools like Webflow or Squarespace.

For most business owners or soon to be technology entrepreneurs, NoCode tools are all you need to build great businesses and provide customer and employee experiences.

What can NoCode not do?

While incredibly powerful, NoCode applications are still only scratching the surface of what professional custom development can provide. Fully secure applications requiring compliance with complex security requirements, think Banks or certain Health Care applications, still need fully custom development.

NoCode applications, while powerful, are still working towards scaling their infrastructure to accommodate the demands of heavy users and massive user bases. Companies working to deliver vast arrays of complex content on a 24/7 basis like mature social networks, or those building user experiences with complex interactions can find most current NoCode platforms to be stretched past their limit. However in the vast majority of situations, if you don’t know that you need custom development, chances are you don’t actually need it. NoCode can save you a lot of time, save you a lot of money, and provide stable platforms to host your businesses and products.

Inherent benefits of using NoCode

As NoCode development provides a stable base of packages that are used to work off of, you can trust that the inherent risk of faulty code is minimized. These packages have been vetted, used by thousands or even millions of users, and are being provided with ever increasing support. As a default, trusted NoCode development in the hands of skilled users is more secure than that of inexperienced custom developers, with NoCode platforms themselves providing base levels of security.

NoCode development, having taken away most of the routine work done with custom code, always saves time of development. Where traditional development of a mobile app could take many weeks, NoCode development can bring development time down to days. Cost savings are also an inherent benefit as most NoCode platforms provide robust hosting as per your business or product needs. In most cases you can scale your plans up as your needs scale.

NoCode Platforms

As a growing segment in the industry, NoCode development platforms have been sprouting up with great products from reputable companies. Some of the more popular NoCode platforms include:

Softr - Softr, a fast growing and dearly beloved web app platform, is empowering the world to build web apps with airtable. Their goal is to have 1 million apps built with their platform by 2025.

Glide - What if building custom applications was as simple as creating a spreadsheet? That’s what empowered Glide to build it’s custom portal that uses spreadsheets as a back end to make great apps.

Caard - The most affordable way of building and hosting a website, Caard lets you make stunning one page websites with hosting plans that will make you take a second glance.

Zapier - Launched in 2011 from a Startup Weekend, Zapier makes it easy to connect web applications with each other. Connecting Google Sheets with Linkedin, Twitter with Slack, Zapier has shortened the time it takes to make marketing automations.

Make (formerly Integromat) - As their website suggests, Make allows users to Acheive More in Less Time with Fewer People. Similar to Zapier, Make connects apps together to automate workflows.

Webflow - Perhaps the heaviest hitter in modern NoCode development, Webflow provides businesses the ability to create powerful websites that would have been insane to envision without code in years past.

Bubble - The darling of NoCode developers around the world, Bubble makes building web apps without code easier, faster, and more enjoyable of an experience.

Why we use NoCode at JMP Studios

With the inherent benefits of NoCode development, namely speed to market, reduced cost investment, and robust platforms, we find that working with NoCode means that our clients get the most out of their products. We want to allow our clients to get their businesses, products, or internal tools off the ground as quick as possible so that they can generate or save time as quick as possible. We know that building apps can be a time consuming or cumbersome process, so rather than spending weeks trying to create your own NoCode apps, work with JMP Studios to get your work moving faster.

Unlimited Development with JMP Studios

Develop an unlimited amount of NoCode applications with JMP Studios. We create web apps, mobile apps, landing pages, and automations so that you can work faster and smarter. With unlimited revisions know that you will always be ready for changing business environments and trends.